Shockwave is an highly powerful acoustic wave used as a treatment tool to stimulate healing and recovery by inducing an inflammatory-mediated healing process. It is non-surgical non-invasive way to get pain-free fast! 

The shockwave delivers a wave of energy into the painful structures causing bubble like effect called 'cavitation'. When these bubbles burst it can break down topologies and sometimes clacification in the damaged area, promoting soft tissue healing.

Shockwave Therapy was originally used in the treatment of Urology, in particular breaking down kidney stones. More recently it has also been discovered it can break down chronic inflammation, and help restart the healing process in chronic soft tissue conditions, and is used by the NHS, Sports Clubs and Private Clinics in the treatment of a number of musculoskeletal conditions.

What Is Shockwave Therapy?


 A Shockwave machine creates a wave of energy and delivers to the body through a hand-piece used by the practitioner to deliver the wave to the target area. The shockwave is generated from a hand held probe that rests on the skin. Inside the probe an impulse is generated as a pressured energy wave which passes through the skin and into the affected tissue.

Shockwave treatment causes micro trauma to the soft tissues around the target area which initiates an inflammatory response in the damaged tissue being treated, increasing metabolic activity around the site of pain. This essentially means it causes an increase in new blood vessels which increases blood flow to the area and speeds up the healing process. It also stimulates an acute inflammatory response in a chronic injury. The shockwaves break down injured tissues and calcifications promoting their replacement with healthy tissues. By naturally increasing the blood circulation this stimulates and accelerates the healing process.

A course of 3 - 5 treatment sessions, around one to two weeks apart, is recommended, with a 3 month review period following the final treatment, to see maximum improvements. This will allow for a maximal recovery period. 

The treatment itself only lasts a few minutes, however, please allow 30 minutes for your appointment as other treatments and self-management advice may also be administered as indicated.

What is involved?
Does it Work?

Yes, in around 80% of cases! Please see conditions treated for exact, scientific recovery rates. The treatment is relatively new, and the machines very expensive so it is not readily available on the NHS yet, but NICE has approved its use in Orthopeadic conditions.

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Shockwave Therapy
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