All conditions treated are suggested to have at least 3 sessions, with best results generally after 5. 

Please see our conditions list for the average treatment sessions that we recommend for each as some may be slightly more.

Initial 3 sessions (block booking):


£150 (Payable on 1st session)

Session 4 onwards (separate bookings):

£50 per session

Why can't I have book single sessions initially?

At Parker & Jones, we want all of our patients to leave having the best experience possible. The current research on shockwave therapy shows that longterm changes are generally only made after a minimum of 3 sessions. 

It may be that you feel slightly better after 1 or 2 but this is usually very short lived and may relapse soon after if not followed up and managed properly. Having a minimum of 3 sessions allows us to offer the best care that we can and also to manage your expectations of the treatment course.